Providing policyholders a choice in who they choose

to take their claim against Southern Response.  ​



The Canterbury Homeowners Class Action is a legal action for eligible policyholders to seek recovery of the losses they suffered as a result of the actions of Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited (Southern Response). 


The class action alleges that homeowners who settled their Canterbury earthquake claims with Southern Response (formerly AMI) prior to October 2014, were misled about their full entitlement to compensation; and that Southern Response withheld information from policyholders about their entitlements and the true cost of either repairing or rebuilding damaged homes as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes. 

The Canterbury Homeowners Class Action will be led by a highly experienced team, including leading barrister Davey Salmon alongside Meredith Connell, New Zealand's largest litigation firm.

An independent committee of plaintiffs will be established to represent the homeowners in all matters relating to the class action. New Zealand's pre-eminent litigation funder, LPF Group, is funding the litigation so there will be no upfront cost to individual claimants.

The Canterbury Homeowners Class Action has been set up to provide policyholders a choice in who they choose to take their claim against Southern Response.  


  Eligibility to Participate   

To be eligible to participate in the Canterbury Homeowners Class Action, you will need to have: 

  1. Owned a house that was insured by Southern Response (previously AMI Insurance) under a Premier House Cover Policy or Premier Rental Property Policy ("Policy");

  2. ​Made a Policy claim after your house suffered damage in the Canterbury earthquakes; 
  3. Settled your insurance claim with Southern Response prior to October 2014 and Southern Response paid you a sum of money in this settlement; and

  4. Received a settlement amount which was less than that to which you were legally entitled  

These criteria are set out in the Court of Appeal judgment of 16 September 2019. If you would like more information on whether you are eligible to participate, please contact us by clicking here >


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